External Counterpulsation (ECP)

Cardiovascular Specialists is the only provider in Fairfield county offering this specialized treatment for cardiac patients. ECP therapy consists of 35 one hour treatments completed in our office. As an outpatient procedure, you lie on a treatment bed while a technician wraps pressure cuffs securely around your calves, thighs, and hips. During the treatment, each cuff inflates and deflate in time with the heart. 

This compresses the blood vessels in your legs to send blood back to your heart.  Freshly oxygenated blood is then pumped throughout your body, as well as the heart muscle. 

ECP is good therapy for patients who wish to help them with chronic stable angina without medication and are not a candidate for invasive forms of treatments.  The beneficial effects of ECP can be reduction of angina episodes post-therapy, increase of physical activity and overall quality of life.