Edema Clinic / Lymphedema Clinic

We offer a dedicated clinic for patients with lower extremity edema. Lower extremity edema can often be troublesome to patients and affect their quality of life. In most cases, if the etiology is correctly diagnosed, it can be successfully treated with marked improvement. Patients are often started on diuretics for cosmetic improvement, which sometimes decreases edema but exposes the patients to the potential side-effects of diuretics including volume depletion, hypokalemia and ongoing need for increasing doses.

Some of the common cardiac causes of edema include Congestive heart failure, Constrictive Pericarditis and Pulmonary Hypertension with Right heart failure. Common vascular causes include venous insufficiency from incompetent superficial and deep valves of the venous system.

If left untreated this can lead to secondary lymphedema, which is very difficult to treat. We have been evaluating and treating patients referred for edema for several years. Venous ablations using either Radiofrequency or Laser are often curable if patients have venous insufficiency.

For patients who have Lymphedema, we can get them approved for lymphedema pumps. Compression stocking fitting is also offered at our office. Refer your patients early, before venous stasis changes occur, or secondary lymphedema begins! The non-healing venous ulcers can be prevented if the first manifestation of venous insufficiency, if dependent edema is promptly detected and treated.