Hypertension Clinic

Our hypertension clinic is for patients with refractory hypertension. Using our nationally recognized cardiologist vascular lab which has >90% accuracy in diagnosing renal artery stenosis, we focus on ruling out secondary cause to hypertension such as underlying renal, endocrine, neurological or respiratory disease, non-compliance, side effects of other medications and other causes. Once etiology is determined or ruled out, we treat aggressively with appropriate management including referrals to appropriate specialty, PTA/stent placement, prescribing the appropriate antihypertensive combination, training regarding lifestyle changes and education regarding the importance of compliance.

With close follow-up and review of home blood pressure readings, we have had great success in getting blood pressures to goal thus preventing or minimizing the long term effects of hypertension such as left ventricular hypertrophy, renal insufficiency, diastolic/systolic heart failure and stroke. The patients are monitored serially for titration and /or addition of medications by cardiologist.

Your local hypertension clinic - Locations in Central Ohio.