Nationally Accredited Echo, Nuclear, & Vascular Lab

CardioVascular Specialists LLC., cardiologist and vascular surgeons of Lancaster is the only triple accredited cardiac and vascular imaging laboratory in Fairfield County and the surrounding communities of Southeastern Ohio. CardioVascular Specialists has met all aspects of the adjudication process and thus joins a select group of institutions across the country to carry this seal of quality.  Patients and referring practitioners can be assured that CardioVascular Specialists will deliver timely and high quality cardiac and vascular imaging now and in the future.

The nuclear stress lab has been accredited by ICANL since 2009 when we became CardioVascular Specialists.  ICANL requires labs to apply for reaccreditation every 3 years. ICANL sets the standards that are the requirements for accreditation.  Our nuclear lab currently has a QI program that goes well above the minimum requirements.  Every quarter we are required to do extensive quality improvement measures to ensure the best quality for our patients. We send out patient surveys every month to get feedback from our patients.  Once a year we also send out referring physician surveys to our top ten referring practices. Correlations are also done once a year with nuclear stress tests, echocardiograms and heart catheterization.  Every year we are also required to sample 5% of our total nuclear studies to make sure the appropriateness of the test.

In our vascular accredited lab, quality assurance is monitored very carefully.  In order to measure the accuracy of our vascular ultrasound exams, we correlate our non-invasive exam findings with our findings for “gold standard” invasive exams, such as angiography, MRA and CTA.  Patients who have a carotid duplex, renal artery duplex, peripheral arterial duplex, and/or a physiologic arterial study as well as an invasive exam within 90 days are eligible for correlation.  The findings of both studies are compared by the vascular lab technical director for agreement. Any discrepancies between the studies are reviewed directly by the vascular lab medical director and are discussed with all medical and technical staff members at the vascular lab quality assurance meetings.